The Cows Go Moo!

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The Cows Go Moo! is a hardcover rhyming picture book for children who love to laugh, sing, and dance! The book and the free song download is full of humorous lyrics and illustrations that children of all ages will find udderly amoosing!

  • Children's Hardcover Rhyming Picture Book
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Along the Cow’s journey, you'll see them in the snow, on the beach, and in many famous places around the world, such as Stonehenge, Easter Island, and The Great Wall of China! The tour is about to kick-off! Are you ready to join us?

Format:                      Hardcover with embossed dust jacket
ISBN 13:                     978-0-9976078-6-4
Trim Size:                  12" x 10"
Number of Pages:    34
Publisher:                  Boardwalk Books, LLC
Publication Date:      5/1/2018

Ok, let's get mooving! 

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