Get to Know the Band

Learn more about the band and their friends.


is an awesome Holstein cow! He is the drummer in the band. He likes to slick back his hair with styling gel and play his cowbell all day! 


looks like an Oreo Cookie doesn’t she? That’s because she is a Belted Galloway Cow! She plays the keyboard, piano and keytar in the band! 


is a friend of the band. She has bright pink stylish hairdo and hoofs! She is what they call a Hereford Cow. When not surfing the waves, Bessie works along with Graze and Willy as part of the roadcrew. 


is a new member of the gang. He loves to hang glide and do other exciting things! He is a Charolais Cow. His hair is mostly all white, but of course his parents had to call him bullseye, because of the circle around his eye and because he’s a bull! 

Brown Cow

is also new to the crew. When she hears The Cows new song, “The Cows Go Moo Shuffle!” she has to get up and show her dance moooooves! She is a what they call a Brown Swiss Cow and boy can she do the twist! 


is the lead vocalist of the band. He is usually wearing sunglasses and a vest along with has wild hair. Chaz is a Jersey Cow like his sister, Clarabell. 


is the newest member of the band! She plays the tambourine, sings back-up vocals, and she loves the latest moo wear fashion. Clarabell is a Jersey Cow like her brother, Chaz! 


is the road manager for The Cows. He is a Highland cow who was born and raised in Scotland. When not doing band stuff he is known as, “The Bagpipe King!” 


is the purple cow who loves to let her dreadlocks fly while dancing and pogo sticking everywhere! Here she is walking like a Moogyptian!


is a Guernsey cow who plays the electric and upright bass in the band. She is pretty laid back. When she is not sitting around playing her bass or getting milked she chewing her cud of course!


plays the electric guitar in the band. He loves to wear his hair long and sports a goatee beard. Sedgewick is a Murray Grey Cow! 


is a funny Black Angus Cow. Although he is the youngest in the bunch, he does most of the driving in the Moo Mobile. You can usually spot Willy wearing his “More Cowbell!” t-shirt everywhere! 


is a Silver Lab. He is the bands buddy and the authors real life dog! Earl loves to eat, swim and play fetch every day! He’s a good boy most of the time.